Recently, it was announced that the site of the D-League affiliate team of the Milwaukee Bucks has been narrowed down to five Wisconsin cities.

Efforts are being made across the board from these cities to do what they can to ensure a best possible fit for the future team.

One of the cities in contention is Oshkosh. About 50 miles south of Green Bay and roughly 90 miles north of Milwaukee, its location is prime in the middle of the state. One of the first teams to publicly display their interest for hosting, the city has not had a professional team since 1987, back when the Wisconsin Flyers were disbanded.

Source: Sperling
So far, all the necessary steps are taking place for the city to bring home this team. Greg Pierce, the leader of this campaign and President/CIO of Windward Wealth Strategies with over 23 years of investment experience, has a strong feeling about Oshkosh being the right spot.

“The Fox Valley is considered to be the second largest media market in Wisconsin,” Pierce told SST. “Oshkosh is under one hour and thirty minutes to the Bucks new arena and practice facility, [and] we have a large untapped entertainment market during the October to March time frame.”

Oshkosh is home to just under 70,000 people, sitting at the ninth most populous city in the state. It is home to many national events such as Country USA and the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), along with the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, the seventh largest university in the state.

With the various types of events and institutions, Pierce thinks Oshkosh is an attractive spot that will be sure to bring in fans.

“This is a region with great demographics – good economy – low unemployment, high disposal income numbers, and a population base that spends money on sports,” Pierce said. “We also believe that there is a large need for a facility such as this in the region to host numerous other events besides pro basketball.  We also have a plan that does not require public funding to get done.”

While details on possible arena locations have yet to be released, the city is planning a long-range plan for a facility to be built. The current status is planning for an area that will seat at least 3,500 patrons.

Bringing a professional team to Oshkosh would certainly bring a change of pace for a city that has not experienced a team of this nature in quite some time. With the Green Bay Packers an hour north and the Milwaukee Bucks and Brewers a little over an hour south, this team would be something Oshkosh would be able to call theirs.

Pierce had mentioned the city’s population that enjoys spending money and time on sports, and the feedback he has gotten surrounding this project has been no different.

“There has been an avalanche of excitement and support for this project and it shows every day by the  number of followers we have on social media and the support we have received in our season ticket and sponsorship drive. It is very clear to me that this region loves the Bucks and wants to be the home for their d league team.”

According to Pierce, the city submitted their proposal back in late June. A specific building and site plan was laid out and potential sites have been identified. In addition, financing, business, and other building plans were also given to the Bucks as a part of this proposal.

“We have worked with various local government and business leaders to put our best foot forward for this bid.”

No timetable has been set by the Bucks for a decision. Stay with Sconnie Sports Talk for more updates.

Photo courtesy of Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce.