Dwyane Wade had free agency meetings scheduled with some teams, including the Milwaukee Bucks, heading into the week of July 4th.

On Tuesday morning, Wade cancelled his meeting with the Bucks set for Wednesday. Milwaukee will likely turn its attention to trading Greg Monroe now that the Wade fiasco is over.

The Heat have offered $20 million per year for the first year and a $20 million player option for the second. But Wade wants $50 million over two years.

His possible destinations? Denver and Chicago, who both have the cap space to sign him. Chicago is a more likely scenario considering he’s from there.

The third, emerging possibility?

Cleveland, of course.

Wade coming to Milwaukee was just part of his plan to gain leverage in the market. Now, GM LeBron is trying to help Cavs owner Dan Gilbert and company afford Wade and bring him to Cleveland.

NBA free agency at its finest.