The Milwaukee Bucks have made a move on restricted free agent Matthew Dellavedova, offering him a four-year deal worth $38 million.

Fresh off an NBA championship, the Cleveland Cavaliers will have until July 10 to match the Bucks’ offer on Dellavedova, but are not expected to extend anything.

Despite averaging just under six points per game in his career, Dellavedova is coming off a career high season in points, assists, and rebounds. While his traditional stats don’t appear too attractive, Dellavedova was incredibly efficient last season, posting 11 points and 6.4 assists, and shooting 41 percent from three-point range per 36 minutes.

With the salary cap allowing more room, the move to sign Dellavedova could turn out to be a steal for the Bucks.

The move comes shortly after the Bucks lost Jerryd Bayless to the Philadelphia 76ers.