The 50 Best Fantasy Baseball Team Names for 2016

You’re sitting down to do a fantasy baseball draft. Two hours later, you have your team that you’re sure is going to be competitive – could this be the year? But all of the sudden you realize it – you’re missing something. This team just isn’t complete yet. Why is that?

You don’t have a great team name yet, that’s why.

We’ve compiled a definitive list of the best fantasy baseball teams to remedy just that problem. Some are creative, some are amazing, and some are just downright crude. But somewhere among them, your team name is waiting for you.

(Spoiler alert: a lot of Yu Darvish references to follow.)

  1. This One Time in Band Kemp
  2. deGrominatrix
  3. Springfield Isotopes (A personal favorite and title-winner last season)
  4. Cano one Strop me?
  5. Eggs Odorizzi
  6. Man Bear Puig (a classic)
  7. El Paso Chihuahuas (not only a real minor league team, but the personal favorite of SST Writer Jeremy Gopin)
  8. Teheran Us Apart (Dare you not to sing this every time)
  9. Come Sale Away
  10. VORP Speed
  11. Maybe This Year (for all you Cubs fans)
  12. A Streetcar Named Cuddyer
  13. Taijuan Skywalker
  14. Soler Power
  15. RIP Jenrry Mejia (a tribute to the first MLB player ever kicked out for PED’s L)
  16. The Balking Dead
  17. Miggy Azalea
  18. Notorious PAPI
  19. Upton Girl (Billy Joel’s personal favorite)
  20. Gin Andrus
  21. Grand Theft Votto
  22. Latos Intolerant (The White Sox pitching staff has a lot of good ones this year)
  23. Joc Itch
  24. Can’t Cutch This
  25. Byrnes When I Peavy (An old Arizona Diamondbacks throwback and such a classic)
  26. Tampa Bay Carly Rae’s (for any AL East non-Rays fan)
  27. Goldschmidt Happens
  28. Tulo Window, Tulo Wall
  29. Ball Thor
  30. King Kang
  31. Sano to Drugs
  32. Let’s Hear it for Lucroy (Hey, Brewers fans)
  33. Moneyballers (for the statistician in your league)
  34. Tanaka-Knock Joke
  35. Bleacher Creatures
  36. Jeter’s Gift Baskets
  37. The Duda Abides
  38. Han Sulowitzki
  39. Annie Are You Aoki
  40. Candy Crush Davis
  41. Buerhle Legal (But let’s be honest, why are you drafting Buehrle?)
  42. There’s Always Next Year (For non-Cubs fans)
  43. Fielder’s Choice
  44. Twist and Trout
  45. Unbreakable Paulie Goldschmidt (For anxious Kimmy Schmidt fans patiently awaiting the return)
  46. Mo’ne Ball
  47. The Balking Dead
  48. The Bryce is Right
  49. A Foul Odor
  50. For Shizzo My Rizzo


Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

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