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Top 10 Slam Dunk Contest Dunks of All-Time


The NBA All-Star Break is arguably one of the most entertaining weeks of play all year despite the absence of actual games. From the skills contest to the celebrity game to the illustrious dunk contest, there are always a ton of really memorable moments. To honor this week, Sconnie Sports Talk decided to take a look back on the top dunks ever from the All-Star Weekend Dunk Contest.

10. Dee Brown originates the “Dab” in 1991

9. Igoudala’s windmill from behind the basket (2006)

8. Dwight Howard’s insane off-the-backboard dunk (2008)

7. Jason Richardson goes between the legs (2003)

6. Dr. J’s free-throw line takeoff (1984)

5. Spud Webb (5’7)’s insane reverse wins it in 1986 (go to 1:04)

4. Vince Carter’s infamous elbow dunk (2000)

3. Aaron Gordon sits on top of the world (2016)

2. Michael Jordan improves on what Dr. J started – the free throw line dunk (1987)

1. Vince Carter’s electrifying around-the-world dunk (2000; go to 0:48)

Photo courtesy of Fox Sports/AP.