We’ve covered our top 10 places to tailgate in Madison, and now it’s time to turn your attention to what to wear and what not to wear on gameday, as told to us by several students.


We’ll start with the guys, as we all know the protocol and overall expectations are not as important as for the ladies. Even if you’re a total Sconnie, fraternity lad, or a foreign exchange student, the outfit choice is pretty standard.

Shirts: You can’t go wrong with anything Badger-themed, but avoid the Teach Me How to Bucky shirt, Drink Wisconsibly shirt, and any free shirt you get from the UW Bookstore or UW Athletics because everyone has those. And if you’re going to wear a bro-tank, make sure it fits.

Jerseys: Depending on weather, you can definitely wear any Wisconsin football, hockey, or basketball jersey. From #25 (Melvin Gordon III) to #28 (Montee Ball), there are plenty of past Badger players to choose from that still are owed money by the NCAA.

Shorts/pants: Cargo shorts are a fashionless excuse for pocket space that need to be eliminated from your gameday experience. Wear Khaki shorts; khaki pants; jeans; or red, black, or white athletic shorts (anything but cargo shorts).

Gameday bibs: Obviously. 

Shoes: It depends on what you’re wearing above the ankles, but you should be able to know when to wear tennis shoes, boat shoes, and not flip-flops with your outfit.

Sock game: Strong.

Hats (caps): The older the Wisconsin hat you got from your alumnus grandpa, the better. Wisconsin bucket hats are where it’s at, but avoid a cheesehead so the person behind you can see the game.

Winter: It’s important to stay warm during the colder games, so make sure to have some sort of Badger vest, or a 1999 Rose Bowl crewneck suffices as well.

Bottom line for men: You have it much easier in terms of fashion, just don’t wear all red, avoid the Bookstore shirt, and enjoy the game.


I really had to consult some female friends of mine to get this down, as views can really vary across the board. With help from multiple sources, I was able to put together a list for all of you making sure your outfit is on point.


Shirts/tanks: Any cute, oversized shirt with the right pair of pants when it’s cold. You should really cut them up at the bottom with some beads for the right feel. During the first couple of games, a tight tank will get you far, especially if it’s Sconnie.

Jerseys: Guys love to see a girl that wears a jersey, and usually girls can pull it off.

Shorts/skirts: They obviously need to be cute, usually short, and please cover your butt for heaven’s sake. Tutus are a thing, but don’t make them an every gameday thing.

Pants: Black leggings, red khakis, or jeans, but if you wear some red leggings, we’re proud of you.

Shoes: Any cute shoes you’re not afraid to get dirty; preferably white Converse.

Socks: It obviously depends on your outfit, but high socks with red stripes are the way to go.

Gameday bibs: They’re good for one or two games a year, but put them away after a while.

Winter: It doesn’t matter how long your North Face black coat is as long as you’re wearing your Wisconsin headband. When it comes down to the cold games, just dress comfortably (fleeces or a vest like this) and put a sticker on your cheek.

Other accessories: Fanny packs should be from Sconnie, and they should be red or black, not pink. Red bows and face stickers (avoid tattoos because they hurt to rub off) are the way to go. Leave the purse at home.

Bottom line for women: There are so many ways to be creative with your gameday outfit, but make sure to cover the important parts: Wisconsin-themed, red and white, and respectable.

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Special thank you to Erin Miller, Zach Erlichman, and Andie Gechtman for their help.