Carlos Gomez will NOT be headed to the Mets after all. Multiple reports say that the deal sending Gomez back to the team that drafted him in return for Wilmer Flores and Zack Wheeler was not completed due to Gomez’s hip.

Many thought that the deal was cancelled due to Wheeler’s Tommy John history; but, it appears it is Gomez with the injury bug. Gomez’s hip injury was in June, in which he missed some time, but his agent Scott Boras has claimed that there is nothing wrong with his hip and he remains injury free. “Carlos Gomez has never seen a hip doctor and has never had a hip issue in his playing career. Anyone who suggests that is inaccurate and baldly misrepresenting the truth of the player’s condition.” Could the hip injury news be a cover up for something on the Mets’ side or a hesitation in the end by the Mets just not to compete the deal? Completely possible; but, the Mets have made it clear that they were concerned about Gomez’s hip.

On the other hand, Brewers’ General Manager Doug Melvin said there was a “small level of discomfort,” but did not confirm Gomez’s injury. “This is not the first agreed upon deal that has fallen apart, and it will not be the last,” Melvin said. The Brewers were disappointed the deal did not go through, but they love Gomez as a player and will gladly keep him if he is not traded.

Mets GM Sandy Alderson said that a trade “has not and will not transpire,” even though the Milwaukee Brewers’ website even made a press release on their website.

(Image via @Dakota_Schmidt)
This is one of the crazier stories in recent MLB trade deadline history, as Gomez will indeed stay with Milwaukee for the time being. We do believe he will be traded by the deadline, especially considering that he may feel betrayed by the Brewers. Luckily, Gomez is a playful character and loved in the locker room, so the bad blood may fade away quickly.

Flores was seen crying in the Mets game tonight against the Padres after the team that signed him when he was 16 ended up trading him for a big name. Gomez also took a farewell selfie with some Brewers’ teammates on the flight home from San Francisco. The tweet had been deleted by Martin Maldonado since the news transpired, but then reposted with an awesome caption: