Carli Lloyd just turned in the best performance in the history of Women’s soccer, and arguably the most outstanding sixteen minutes of individual excellence of the 21st century.

The tough tenacity, the never say die drive, and the dominance of an individual’s will may all describe Carli Lloyd’s performance in the World Cup Final. She will most likely win the ESPY Awards for “Female Athlete of the Year” and “Best Championship Performance.” She is the most clutch woman in the history of American sports, scoring the winning goals in the last two Olympic Gold match games. Yet there is a single adjective that best articulates her: Carli Lloyd is superwoman-esque.

The days of Lois Lane are officially long gone. Carli Lloyd is the new Superwoman.

Carli Lloyd’s goals can be summarized as the Good (3’), the Bad (5’), and the Holy F*** did you just see that?!? (16′). The final of the three best exemplified both her superhuman leg strength and seemingly impossible laser vision.

Just one day after Americans celebrated our independence, we have good reason to jubilantly gather around the flag once again. Carli Lloyd acted as the American general in this year’s World Cup, which including her incredible 54-foot surprise goal that not only sealed her hat trick, but cemented her performance today as the best in Women’s Soccer History.

The surprising strike from Lloyd in the sixteenth minute resembled the surprising strike from George Washington’s troops as he crossed The Deleware River and lead America to victory just one day after Christmas Day. With Carli’s third and the USWNT’s fourth goal, Americans saw greatness immaculately emerging just one day after Independence Day.

Her first two goals resembled two quick upper shots from superwoman, each striking with a zealous *Bam!* With her third goal in the eighteenth minute of today’s World Cup match, Carli Lloyd became the first person to score a hat trick in the Women’s World Cup Final. Following a quiet role during the group stage, as she didn’t score a goal in the USWNT’s first three matches, she exploded with six goals in four games. She scored in each of America’s elimination games.

As 2:1 favorites, the American victory was far from a miracle on grass. It was more so a relished second opportunity to settle the score after four long years of anticipation. One of the player most eagerly awaiting was most likely Lloyd, who missed her penalty kick in the USWNT’s loss to Japan in the World Cup Finals four years ago. She didn’t wait long to redeem herself.

Other than the miraculous shot from fifty four feet out, a healthy spread of calculated executions on set pieces were the key to today’s victory. Following a slew of five consecutive shutouts, it was surprising to see the US give up two goals to a struggling Japanese team, including an own goal by the usually stellar Julie Johnston. There was little that the controversial keeper Hope Solo could do.

There was little that Hope Solo needed to do. It was only one sixth of the way through the final when the game seemed to be sealed. A Germany vs. Brazil type performance unfolding before our eyes, except that the crowd on hand didn’t fall quiet and wasn’t found crying. They were going insane with excitement, mesmerized and energized by a heroic performance from an unassuming individual. They were watching a woman with super powers.

Carli Lloyd is the new Lois Lane. I, like many fairweather fans of the USWNT, had never heard of Carli prior to this tournament. To be honest, I didn’t research her career until she knocked home the go-ahead goal in America’s 2-0 semifinal win over Germany. Articles in the last days have called her a “weirdo” and “the weirdes world class professional athlete ever”. Following today’s game, she will no longer be remembered for somewhat cliché yet uplifting motivational instagram photos.

Carli Lloyd will be remembered for greatness.

The USWNT will also etch its name into the history books alongside Lloyd as the most dominating dynasty in Women’s soccer history. The U.S. is the only team to win the World Cup three times, and statistically is quite probably the best Women’s team in the history of the Women’s Soccer.

In the years to come, we will always remember where we were when we watched one of the most dominating championship performances in the history of women’s sports. I was in my living room, reaching for my computer to begin typing this article as superwoman let the ball fly from fifty four yards out to complete her magical hat trick.

Most importantly, I was in the USA. For the second consecutive day, it’s a great day to be an American!